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Greyson Chance – Meridians lyrics

Let's go take a drive and think about our lives
Passing through meridians of greater times
I was on a different road
But now I found my home
Within you

We can kill some time and watch movies all night
Later we'll be talking as the sky turns light
Every morning spent with you
Cause every night I love the truth

The timing never felt so right this feeling's unknown
My love as a meridian continues to grow
Oh the lines they used to say
What type of life we lived
But now, we're creating them

We're flying to another time
Our lives they've been circled been entwined
Kiss my lips and take me there
To heights unheard of thoughts unreal
You're so unreal

Let's go take a drive and think about our lives
Passing through meridians of greater times

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    The dislike (not me BTW) is probably because you start your meaning with "I'm not positive, but..." and also use the word "basically". As for the rest, I can't comment because I don't know the song, but I get the impression that you are picking words and/or phrases out of the song. This is fine as long as you "quote" extracts. Perhaps you could have started with "To me, this song....". Otherwise, excellent grammar and spelling (so rare these days).
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    I'm not positive, but what this song means to me is that basically he is telling a story of how him and his lover never really knew each other and how glad he is that they found each other. His love grows and branches out like meridians, which breach through our body. He wants to talk about a good future with this lover and how their love is so close and entertained. He says how much he really likes this person and spending time with this lover. He wants to talk about their lives together now and journey through an amazing love with this person. He has found his new home in this lover and is passionate about their future plans.
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