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Gregory And The Hawk – I'm Your Puppet lyrics

I'm your puppet
I'll learn to love it
And I'll undress
If you need it
But please don't need it
If you need it
I'll scream out

Weave a secret
I will sweep it
Beaneath the carpet
Where you'll keep it
How weak is that?
Wish I was worth it
To you

Review my wishes
For fair weather
'Cause I know if it clouds or rains or snows
You wont be there
How weak is that?
Wish I was worth it
To you

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  • r
    Riki V. Bair-Johnson
    Refers to the feeling of loving someone so much you'll do anything for them, even though they wouldn't do the same thing for you. It's about the heartbreaking feeling of never being good enough for the person you love, no matter how hard you try, and knowing they will probably leave the second things don't go their way or you won't do what they want. Relate-able to anyone that's ever been so in love with someone, you couldn't see their flaws even when they were right in your face.
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  • u
    Maybe it's about loving someone too much but knowing you'll never be the one and accepting it. It's when you realize of your worth before the one you love, but doesn't love you back because you're nothing. Every song of this girl is like a mirror to my life, and I cry everytime I listen to her. It's hard to be told by your own dad that you're nothing but a piece of tail, that's a very hard memory to forget.
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  • m
    This song hits very close to home with me and I think its written in the view of the "other woman" to the infidel.
    This explains dealing with the emotions of not even being the one he's with. While hearing that they soon will be together, that he's leaving her. That he wants only you etc. The person this song rings true with kept me in an mental and emotional abuse pattern for over a year trying to "keep me swept under the rug" but at the same time keeping me under his thumb. And for some stupid reason I let him. I always sang it We've and not weave but it works either way. "review my wishes for fair weather" meaning: 1st for instance that I would be in trouble for something he heard through the grapevine and he'd refuse to look at me, let alone talk to me, for days. But would leave messages or notes guilt-tripping me if I looked at anyone else "the way i looked at him" this list goes on. 2nd that I would spend countless nights waiting for him to show up when he said he would or just a phone call or text message he wasnt there "how weak is that?" and it did make me feel worthless. It was a sick cycle of abuse which I'm out of now. But I love the beautiful way it was written, sung and that I am now free from being his puppet.
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