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Gravediggaz – Better Wake Up lyrics

appears* on the promo version but was cut from final release [Chorus

3X Frukwan]: Better
wake up Better
wake up Now's
the time You
better wake up yo, [Poetic]!

yo, aiyo, My
country tis of thee bloodshed, and misery Ain't
nobody givin me liberty, New, York City Be
makin it hard, to cope God They
even built a bulletproof benz for the Pope Hard
screens group, piece to hang loose Off
of a noose of, a rope in a tree And
still we supposed to see Equality
especially these days when, we gotta fight Just
to waste our equality of life See
urb' children hung a pain cut like a knife No
dome for the lights in, a room full of cockroach' and mice Dad
runnin out of ways of fixin the hot water pipes Bad
plumbin storms, comin the, wind's hummin The
Farrenheit tonight is 32 degrees Tony, please Wake
up go, help ya pop fix the boiler I
hand him the tools outta the box I
watched doin the knowledge to the look in his eyes Ate
lies to protect four, sons one, daughter And
his wife her, father and, plus himself I
didn't comprehend back then he, was teachin me How
to survive in the cold world's refrigerator I'm
bein chased by the queen later As
I collect supreme data as, a teenager The
unseen danger of bein a crew chaser It
seems major green, papers Causes
gray hairs blood, sweat and tears for long years Mom
said "You gotta be strong dear, press, on dear, The
load is heavy but it's still one that you can bear" As
the tear rolled off her cheek nothin, to eat She's
makin miracles wit some flour and some heat No
meat it's, aight mom I'm, vegetarian Half
boar half, humanitarian [Chorus

2X] [Frukwan]

buildings abandoned, children Splashed
drinks addicted, fiends Drop
outs cop, outs of, nicotine Sittin
back and think how keen that it will be Reverse
the spinnin of Earth to Adam & Eve Day
one 445, apart Feel
it in ya heart cuz, it's so for real In
the mind it, develops and becomes the deal Like
my universal flag everything's, complete Thinkin
I ain't God look, and you shall see But
you won't for, so many fools that tried To
search for mysterious God and I Thinkin
back as a slave wildin, in them J's Wit
thoughts of bein free was, never the same Some
commited suicide cuz, times was harsh And
the ones who survived that got brainwashed From
lightnin thunder, hail, storm I
can never forget I, be a Gatekeep Frukwan, Even
thru my name history, will burst Cuz
I'm the maker the, owner the, cream of the planet Earth Father
of civilization God, of the universe Yo
slave is slave that's, why I they call that Cuz
the 85%'s yo and, that's a fact They
be wonderin why they eat so much pork Cuz
it taste so good and, that's how they was taught Bein
brought up in a world of Christianity By
your mother and, your father most, of ya family We
go to Church every Sunday like, you never did before Gotta
learn about someone that you never saw The
preacher is a mason of the highest degree That's
why I ain't have to go under Allah's study The
rabbis and the minester's are keepin ya blind So
you can die wit them in the last day and time Like
a child is born wit, no state of mind And
bein blind from the ways of mankind But
when you look up in the sky and all you see is blue Yo
that's, caused by the sun and the water too Tell
us why, the Devil does not teach us that Cuz
the black man is God and, that's a fact Yo
original, man was here ever since the day one And
that's when you can say the, Earth had begun Cuz
within the Earth yo, exist, today The
wisest group of indiviuals that always stay And
they are known what, as, the 5% And
for one let, me tell you that's, what I represent So
niggas out there in, a world of confusion Powerful
eyes of Allah will see ya execution [Chorus


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