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Graham Parker – Sounds Like Chains lyrics

(The backing vocals at the ends of the lines are sung twice)

Intro C#m A (twice)
C#m A
I got to break this armour, cutting off all the feeling (don't wear it)
It's like a melodrama, everybody's scene stealing (just bear it)
It's always the same old number, they never let you out of school (it's nothing)
Well I gotta gun that's loaded, I want to hurt some fool (don't shoot it)

C#m B A B
Well The woods are full of wardens,
C#m B A B
They are digging up remains
C#m B A B
It feels like the big stick that smacks of oppression
B (G#m7) C#m
And it sounds like chains

Repeat intro

I wanna bite the hand, bite off the hand that fed me (don't eat it)
I want to turn the knife, turn the knife that bled me (you need it)
You've got it all wrong, you never heard what I said (don't worry)
Well I got a gun that's loaded, it's not pointing at my head
(Don't rush it, don't hurry)

Chorus 2
No-one can keep these ropes around me, or take the blood out of my veins
I'll just pull the trigger back as the volume gets stronger
And it sounds like chains
E B C#m C#m
Instrumental then "Sounds like chains" 4 times then "Oooh Chains" and
More instrumental bits.

Choruus 3
Nothing hurts me any longer, there isn't room for any pain
I'll just pull the trigger back as the volume gets stronger
And it sounds like chains

Oooh chains, sounds like chains, ooh chains, sounds like chains
(repeat and fade)

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