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Grace Slick – Darkly Smiling lyrics

Darkly Smiling
Darkly smiling
There are no tickets
And you may pay
As you leave.

The man in black goes lurching through
And he doesn't even think of you

Strain to feel the movement
And hear the music
And see the night

The man in black goes lurching through
And doesn't even think of you

What does it matter how far?
The vacuum is leaving the jar.

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    My guess on the meaning is that it's about people with souls crushed by society, lurching through life but can't feel the beauty of it, and miss it all. So their smiles are always dark because they can't really feel pleasure. So what does it matter how far they go on, when life is over, it's just emptiness spilling from the jar (one's being). A caustic comment on straight society. The vacuum leaving the jar is a strikingly powerful metaphor.
    On another level, this song may also be about making love in the dark to someone she no longer feels passion for, nor does he for her. So what does it matter how far the relationship goes, if it ends, it'd just be a vacuum leaving the jar (the relationship). Darkly smiling may refer to just going through the motions.
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