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Goodie Mob – Fight To Win lyrics

Find the way, stand up straight
No debate, pushed by hate, concentrate
Penetrate, generate, motivate
Live by faith, keep believing,
I know the reason,
It's the season, now's the time
Keep on dreaming, keep on leading
And keep on fighting

I am fighting for the liberation
Of voices with something to say
Like many before me
For glory, you"ll have to stand in harm's way
I'm no Savior, just a soldier, a soldier with an order
So I have no choice but to trust in God cause it must be done
My only fear is what might have been if I didn't find your way!

If I loose, it was worth fighting for
If I win, I only live to fight again
If I loose, it was worth fighting for
If I win, I only live to fight again

Who are, We are, they are too, can't turn back to fall thru
You are, we are, they are too
(I'll be there)

You should be proud for the courage
The courage to think out loud
You'll find your way if you're foolish enough to be faithful
Believe me, it won't be easy
But it's surely not impossible
And if they won't listen
Save your breath, and save yourself!
And as soon as you see sunlight again
Get up and find your way

If we loose, it was worth fighting for
If we win, we only live to fight again
If we loose, it was worth fighting for
If we win, we only live to fight again

Don't forget yourself
Till your last breath
For your spirit, for your mind,
For your soul... Never loose sight
When all fails and you done tried everything in life
Keep your head, keep, keep, keep your head up.

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Fight To Win meanings

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    There are situations and people who are out to take what I have been given. I didn't ask for these things they just comes to me.
    People are jealous and they push me to my limit. Things and ways that I don't normally think or do, they push me to fight them for what I have. But I will keep on pressing and keep on pushing. Not letting go of what I have. I will fight to keep it, I will fight to win.
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    Well, I've been fighting cancer off and on for over 18 years. The last 4 years now have been the toughest because it's spreading more and faster. So, I've had to go through alot of different treatments that, to say the least, are about to kill me before the cancer does. The only way to stop the cancer is by the grace of god - literally. I just keep fighting to win. If I loose, it was worth fighting for, if I win, I only live to fight again. This song helps to give me empowerment to keep going - thank you.
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