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Golden Earring – I Can't Do Without Your Kiss lyrics

From the Album:
* Face it

Tonight when I ride outta here
They're gonna curse this shotgun town
Where the whisky flows like water
And the law means nothing to anyone
I am headin' for a showdown, and
When the churchbell chimes nine times
There's a crazy gamblers' final bet
Makes the local undertaker smile
You wanted me to settle down
Maybe raise a family
I remember that I said:
"matrimony ain't for me"
The only thing that you said was:
"lay down your star and your gun belt,
And let me be your sweetheart,
I don't want you to get killed"
I can't do without your kiss, I can't do without your kiss
There's no doin' without your kiss
A fearless outlaw always lies
Sweatin' in his bed
While the guns are always loaded
Under a pillow, under his head
And when the rooster calls one moment
At the final crack of dawn
Like the whistle from a long gone train
While the folks are gatherin' around
I can't do without your kiss, I can't do without your kiss
There's no doin' without your kiss
And in the cathouse, when we made it
You said: "I'm always yours for free"
After a day and night together
How in hell could I have disagreed???
I can't do without your kiss, I can't do.............

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