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Go Fish – Cry In The Rain lyrics

This one's for the hurting
This one's for the lost
For those of you who wonder
You think you've been forgot
For those of you who struggle
With a pain that's all your own
You're asking all the questions
With answers you don't know
There's something bigger out there
You can't put your finger on what it might be
So hard to trust what you can't see
Have you ever cried in the rain
Let your tears hit the ground
And asked the one who could
If he would turn your life aorund
He can help you start again
Help you deal with your pain
Even when all you wanna do.... Is cry in the rain
Fitting in is never easy
Its a fact you can't ignore
It gets so hard to play the game
When someone else is keeping score
In your mind you paint a picture of who you want to be
When you look into the mirror
You cry at what you see
There's something bigger out there
You can't put your finger on what it might be
You need someone to set you free
All you have to do is knock at the door of Him
Who walked in your shoes
Alone up to that hill
To face what you could not
Everytime he hears your voice calling out to Him
In the darkest times of your life
He will be there, cuz he knows what it's like

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    This reminds me of my self and a lot of my friends hurting with some kind pain when you have enough and lost all hope! (pain) its not just a word to some. Most of us live with some sort pain 'that most carry on the end side and hide it with a smile. Its a day struggle to just get up an go to face the dai we all know with Gods love every thing is possible. I just the lyrics in this song.
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