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Ginuwine – Toe 2 Toe lyrics

Yeah, on my time off
I seen a lot of people tryin' to be like me
Timbaland, I know you have, knowumsayin'?
But we gon' hit 'em like this
Check it out

None of y'all wanna go against me
Ya trip me out tryin to orbit me
But this go 'round i'ma show you once
Said that you don't got what it take

None of y'all wanna go toe to toe
Face to face, head to head, blow for blow
And this go 'round i'ma show you once
Said that you don't got what it takes

2nd verse:
What's mines is mines and yours is yours
You were violated when you walked through the door
Can't nobody see ginuwine and the fam'
Stepped up in the business and we changed all your plans
Entertained our people, gave 100 damn percent
Never dream how much that all of us would get bent

To all of those who want it won't you just quit it
You ain't seen a thing until you all have come wit it
No need to trick nigga, take your pick
'cause on this cd every song's a hit
My whole damn crew, can't a soul get wit
So don't even hate 'cause you can't touch it


2nd verse:
I'ma get respect one way or the other
Even if I take it, i'ma make you wanna
Go get your crew but they can't help you
Now it's you and i, and you know you're through
I'm gonna nod who ever think they can
Get wit ginuwine and timbaland
Step to the plate ya take your swing
Now it's my turn watch me do my thing


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