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Gilbert O'Sullivan – We Will lyrics

It's over now
You've had your fun
Get up them stairs go on quickly don't run
Take off your shoes the both of you's [And] leave them down outside the door
Turn the landing light off,
No wait, leave it on it
It might make the night
That [Much] easier to be gone
And in the morning who'll be wide awake
And eating snow flakes as
Opposed to those flakes
(We Will) We Will (We Will) We will

That afternoon we spend [Spent] the day
With uncle Frank (remember?) and his wife auntie Mae
Well do you know
Since then I've recieved [Received]
Up to four letters all of which repeat the same
They say thrilled to bits
Can't believe you came
We [We've] relived it both
Over time and time again
And if there's
Even [ever] a chance or even half
You might be our way
Would you promise to stay
(We will) We will (We will) We Will
Yeah.. Yeah.. Yeah

Oh it's no [Not] easy pretending
That you cannot hear
Once you've suffered the reflections [Affliction] within
It's no use in an ending
To proclaim from the start that the
Moral of the stories [Story's] to begin.

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