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Gilbert O'Sullivan – At Least I'm Honest lyrics

I'd tell you a lie if I told you that
I wouldn't tell you the truth
I'd stand in the way of a runaway train
If it came towards you
Well maybe not if there was
I'm a coward I have to confess
But at least I'm honest

I'll never forget how it was that we met
You were just seventeen
I told you I liked older women
And you were the oldest I'd seen
You started to laugh
Told me I must be daft
Whereupon I said yes
But at least I'm honest

And I'll go on sending you birthday cards
That arrive the following week
And I'll try my hardest not to forget
Not to forget next year
And I'll come home late when I should be early
Blame It on the one for the road
Though it may not always be to your liking
For instance I could never climb
The highest mountain peak
To prove to you my love is true
I'm scared of heights you see

You never say much when I long for your touch
Except keep me enthralled
One thing I like about you is you're
Never embarrassed at all
Me. I'm so shy, that at night if the lights on
I won't get undressed
But at least I'm honest

I'll give you a lift on my bicycle
If you don't mind going slow
Needless to say it can vary
Depending on how the wind blows
Cars are okay but on my earnings
I couldn't afford the test
But at least I'm honest

And I'll go on telling your dear old mother
She's always welcome round here
That Is providing she can keep tier mouth shut
And doesn't interfere
And I will for want of a better word
Love you more than words ever say
Though it may not always be to your liking
I couldn't climb a mountain high
To prove I loved you so
I'm not the type, I'm scared of heights
A touch of vertigo

And I'll never hurt you. how could I do
You're the one good thing In my life
If it weren't for the fact we're already married
I'd marry you tonight
And I'll do whatever is necessary
To improve our standard of life
Though it may not always be to your liking
For instance I could never die
To prove my love was real
It wouldn't do a lot for you
And even less for me

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