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Ghoul – Maniaxe lyrics

I'll rip the eyeballs from your head
Your innards boiled internally
Cremator flays you one by one
Sending ashes into eternity
Dissector's good with a sharpened hook
I'll gut you like a fish
Fermentor will anatomize
Against your every wish
Your face we'll burn right off your skull
It's my only vice
Decapitated with a scythe
Your bones we'll fashion into dice
Spilled out organs we devour
I eat mine with a frosty brew
Your fate is sealed, as is your tomb
You're really getting screwed
Your death will not be swift
At the hands of the mentally deficient
Slaughtering in the cemetary
We're nothing if not efficient
A knife across your fucking throat
I'll drink right from the slit
The blood is gulped through filthy hoods
And from our fingers licked
A pile of meat is all that remains
Quivering in the crypt
Your splattered torso steaming now
Where flesh has been unzipped
Entombed within the catacombs
Your grave an unmarked open ditch
Decaying in the fetid swamp
Your bones are black as pitch

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