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GG Allin – Spread Your Legs, Part Your Lips lyrics

I don't want to know about your life
What you do or the car you drive
Don't wanna know what you do all day
I just want that c*** between your legs

Spread your legs
Spread your legs
Spread your legs
Part your lips

Repeat Chorus

Don't wanna know about your life
The color of your hair or the kids on the side
Don't wanna know anything about you
Just wanna suck your c*** and then I'll be through


Spread your legs(3 times)

I don't wanna know about your goals
Where you live or your ugly clothes
Don't wanna know what you think about shit
I just wanna suck your smell c***

Spread your legs (6 times)

Don't want anything from you
Don't wanna know what you're gonna do
Don't wanna know what you think about jack shit
Don't wanna... Part your legs you smelly c***

Spread your legs (6 times)

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    Love it or you hate it. I love it. Every artist appeals to someone out there.
    Sure, GG was a nutter. Although he was described as a "perfect gentleman" when he wasn't onstage.
    Point is, women are motivated by more complex motives than men in the mating game - they have to be. Up until recently at least, few would argue that a young females potential mate would be viewed by her as to be a potential provider, he's not just for sex. He needs to be useful for other things - support, while a woman is busy giving birth to, and raising the next generation. The man would hopefully help provide food and shelter and deal with the male dominated outside world, as it was. Or is? (welfare is a recent, western phenomenon) So woman were. Very busy, and men the providers of everything else (how much or how little depended on the man.)
    So women are more complex in their motives in the mating game. A man on the other hand, he's motives at the outset are more simple. And once you remove all the sugar coating (bullshit) - GG isn't too far off.
    At this stage in life he was in his 30's, he had failed at living up to his own ideals and he didn't give a f**k anymore.
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