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Geto Boys – Why Do We Live This Way lyrics

[ verse 1: grand wizard dj ready red ]
Can you take it? How can I be strong
When I see many things in the world is wrong?
You know the love in the hearts is a thing of the past
And living like this, how long can we last?
Some are content to the way things are
Well, not me, you know the road is far
Take off your blindfolds and start to see clear
Time's windin down, and the end is near
Me speaking fact not fiction, pay attention
Our world is in a critical condition
Understand prejudice is rumor and lies
And over this evil many people have died
You know what blood's been she'd over he-said she-said
I don't let lies fill my head
But you say it's like that and the way it is
Well, that's my point, there's no love to give
I say

[ chorus ]
Why do we live this way?
You know the killin and fightin
Why do we live this way?
You know the love is gone
Why do we live this way?
Weak you have to be strong
Why do we live this way?

[ verse 2: grand wizard dj ready red ]
A family of five tryin to survive
They had 30 days till the welfare arrived
Father was gone and nowhere in sight
And to the little kids it just wasn't right
You know the mother was wise to hide the cries
Taught the kids well bout livin in hell
Took on the problems from day to day
And then at night to the lord she prayed
You know I'm livin in a world that doesn't even care
Too many damn problems for me to bare
Should I be strong or should I be weak?
Or just ride the problems, go from week to week
You know I read in the papers just the other day
About a lady who was killed, it went this way
Say little mrs. Brown who never did a thing
Was shot and killed over a wedding ring
Yeah, it really was a shame, but who's to blame?
Cause it's just another story that the world's insane
You're sayin it's like that and the way it is
But that's my point, there's no love to give

[ chorus ]

Break it down

(children grow and women produce
And men go work, and some go stealin
Everyone's got to make a livin)

[ chorus ]


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