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Gerald Levert – Breaking My Heart lyrics

I been watchin' you and the way that you
Workin' your thang
How can I be down, girl I want you know
Drop me a name
See I gotta know, I need the dough, talk
A lot ain't sayin' nothin'
I can' go, know, know, know, know, know

I been workin' my game baby, spending my
Change baby
Ain't nothin' change baby, ya still
Actin' the same baby
Where do I go baby, you keep tellin' me
No baby,
Said it's breaking my heart baby, it's
Breaking my heart baby

Tell me what to do, just to get with you
For a little while, just a little while,
Satisfaction guaranteed, if you get with
Me girl I'll make you smile

I know you know, know what I feel like
Feel ya tryin' to get inside but it's too
Tight, something you can't buy

Repeat Chorus two times

The name "Shaqueen", I slide on the scene
With ice and games for cats fiening to slide
My steeze far from easy, it's harder than
You get
Seein' me in ya head naked in the bed on some
Freaky triple x shit
Words exit, through one ear and out the next,
'cause I ain't with that s** shit
And I barely know you, money can't get me to
Give it like hoes do
That's how I keep it tight, so get it right
You can't buy my love no matter the cost
And the more you try to it's just the phatter
I floss
Just because you give me a ride, don't mean
I'm a ride
Or because you take me out, it's gonna help
Me decide
And I ain't tryin' to play you and get you
For yours
But I just know you can't wait to get in my
But if the time is right and your mind is
Right I might change
But until then I'm a keep dissin' your game.

Repeat Chorus two times

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