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George Jones – The Blues Man lyrics

(George Jones)
I'm just a singer
A natural-born guitar ringer
Kind of a clinger
To sad old songs
I'm not a walk-behinder
I'm a new note finder
But my name's a reminder
Of a blues man that's already gone.

So I started drinking
Took some things that messed up my thinking
I was sure sinking, when she came along
I was alone in the spot light
Not too much left inside
She changed all that one night
When she sang me this song.

(Dolly Parton)
Hey baby, I love you
Hey baby, I need you
Hey baby, you don't have to prove to me
You're some kind of macho man
You've wasted so much of your life
Running through the dark nights
Let me shine a little love light down on you blues man.

--- Instrumental ---

(George Jones)
I got so sick from speedin'
All the stuff they said I was needin'
If I was to keep pleasin'
All of my fans
I got cuffed on dirt roads
I got sued over no-shows
She came and took all that old load
Down off this blues man. That's right.

Hey baby, I love you too
Hey baby, I need you too
Hey baby, I do get tired of this travelin' band.
(I know you do get tired)
Oh, I'm up in my years now
Nights would be cold now
If you hadn't stuck it out with this blues man
Oh, I'm up in my years now
Nights would be cold now
If you hadn't hung around with this blues man.

--- Instrumental to fade ---

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