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George Ezra – Cassy O' lyrics

Cassy's got a new plan
Gotta get herself away
Well, I'd better act quick
Yeah, I'd better change my ways

Oh, maybe I'm wasting
Maybe I'm chasing time
Oh, come on, let's face it
I'm only ever lost in mine

Well, I got my tracing paper
So that I could trace my clock
And the bastard face kept changing
And the hands, they wouldn't stop

I was ripping out the battery
I received myself a shock
And to add insult to injury
I could still hear tick & tock

Cassy o'
Cassy o'
Please don't leave
Cassy o'
Cassy o'
Please don't leave

Cassy's got a new plan
Gotta give herself a break
And I try, I try, I try
For heaven's sake

Well, I traveled to Australia
And I traveled there by train
This something might sound strange to you
But on the way I gained a day

And I wrote to tell my family
And I wrote to tell my friends
I arrived home, it was lost again
And this torture never ends

Cassy o'
Cassy o'
Please don't leave
Cassy o'
Cassy o'

Inspector, fix me, my Cassy o's burnt out
We're losing memories that I can't replace
She says she's tired of me running in circles
She says it's time that we took a break

Cassy o'
Cassy o'
Please don't leave
Cassy o'
Cassy o'
Please don't leave

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Corrected byLegbiter


  • o
    Embarrassing this as I am good at getting things wrong. This song seems simple in that it is about a girl called Cassy who is young and doing some travelling leaving her boyfriend behind. But a play on words as Casio is a make of watch and the guy is talking about trying to keep up with her, time moves too fast for him and she's on a roll. If I've got it wrong somebody enlighten me. If I am right ish I just think its a genuis play on words. I am an old mum and I found out after I fell in love with the album that I come from Hertford and grew up there. My family is still there and so finding out George is a Hertford boy is special (he probably played where I did as a child, etc).
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  • d
    Deana Karkau
    Casio is only a brand of watch, but it is also a brand of a keyboard, which I think it would be a little more up George's ally. But not that I think about, he's talking about time which it would make more sense with this song, because he's talking about how he's running out of time. And I think it's that Cassy is leaving because of the line "She says it's time that we took a break", and he doesn't want her to leave.
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  • u
    When listening to the lyrics it seems he's genuinely just singing about his Casio watch how its breaking and its breaking his heart because of all the memories he's had with it and when he refers to it as a woman or "Cassy" I think he's either doing it for the song to have a relatable kind of lyric or that basically the watch and his relationship is almost romantic!
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