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Genesis – Eleventh Earl Of Mar lyrics

The sun had been up for a couple of hours,
Covered the ground with a layer of gold.
Spirits were high and the raining had stopped,
The larder was low, but boy that wasnt all.
Eleventh earl of mar
couldn't get them very far.
Daddy! Oh daddy, you promised.

Out on the road in the direction of perth,
Backwards and forwards in a circle they went.
Found a city half open and ready to greet,
The conquering heroes, with blisters on their feet.
Eleventh earl of mar
Somehow got them all this far.
Daddy! You promised, you promised.

See the stewart all dressed up
Hes got eyes in the back of his head.
Who came in a cockleshell boat
That could only just float,
couldn't even lift a sword.
Dressed too fine and smelling of wine.

Daddy youve got to go!
Here comes the bishop all dressed up
Hes gonna bless you if youre ready to pay.
One wave of his funny old stick,
Theres a band of light across your eyes.

Waited a week still they hadnt appeared,
That glorious timing that everyone feared.
So theyre riding along on the crest of a wave,
Theyre headed for london, and that will be their grave.
Eleventh earl of mar
Well he couldn't get them down that far
Daddy! I'm waiting, I'm waiting

Time to go to bed now
Never seems too keen
To be a guest now
In a house of dreams

Flying from a hillside
Beckoning the trees
A sailboats awning
Mimicking the breeze

I'm fighting gravity falling
My daddy wont let them get me
A voice screams seems to be calling
The face turns features are burning.

Daddy, youve got to go!
See the fifteen going by,
Tell the lairds and the lords
Theyre running backwards today,
And once again you stand alone.

Bury your memories bury your friends,
Leave it alone for a year or two.
Till the stories go hazy and the legends come true,
Then do it again. Some things never end.
Eleventh earl of mar
Wont be going very far.
You promised, you promised, you promised.

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  • g
    Ok, ignore my last posting. I was on the right tracks but not entirely so. This is about the 1st Jacobite uprising in 1715 against the Hanovarian King of Britain, George I. The uprising was in support of the Old Pretender (James Francis Edward Stuart, son of James ii of England and vii of Scotland). The 22nd Earl of Mar (also known as the 11th Earl of Mar, it depends when you count it from!) was given the lead rol by James to lead the rebellion. They did indeed get as far as Perth but then dithered, due to insufficient support for the rebellion and the indecisive leadership Mar (John Erskine, also known as Bobbing John for his tendency to shift back and forth from faction to faction). James decided to return to France instead of pushing the issue and never set sail in Scotland again.
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  • g
    I've long assumed that the lyric is inpsired by the Second Jacobite uprising, in support of (Bonnie Prince) Charles Edward Stuart in 1746. The young prince did arrive in a (cockleshell?) boat on the west of Scotland in that year and he was indeed a fine dressed and good looking young man. The reference to him smelling of wine would probably not have been the case at the time, but after his defeat and escape to France, Bonnie Prince Charlie did take to drink and its attendant ruin.
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