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G.B.H. – Company Of Wolves lyrics

We gotta' raise some money for our children,
So when they're old they don't have to fear.
Scratch their back, they'll stab yours,
It's obvious boy, it's crystal clear.

We ain't got much all we got is,
The company of wolves.
They'll approach you, try to coax you,
Make you sell your soul.
The company of wolves,
The company of wolves.
Get out of their den, start again,
They ain't nothing but fools.

We get tangled in the web of hate,
From our piggy bank's straight back to the fat guy.
Turn the tables, throw a rock and roll him,
Tell him reach for the sky.

We got nothin' on our table,
Nothing on our plate just dirt on the floor.
We listen hard for an answer,
But only hear the wolf at the door.

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    Like most punk songs, despite the overt imagery, this song is essentially work-class social commentary. At its heart is the unbridgable gap characterized by the poverty of the lower and working classes and the obscene wealth of the elite. In this particular case, the song focuses on the struggle that lower income families face in acquiring the material resources necessary to secure a better existence for their children. That's the central message of the introductory verses.
    One might be tempted to think that the punk point of view is being associated with the animalistic, aggressive imagery of the "company of wolves". On the contrary, the company of wolves is a reference to the seemingly indominable power of the elite in their endless efforts to wring even a few extra pennies out of the poor to sate their boundless greed. There is a revolutionary message when the song suggests that after the money from "our piggy banks" goes "straight back to the fat guy", there will be a turning of tables. However, the song ends ultimately on a pessimistic note - no matter what you may attempt, you will always "only hear the wolf at the door". In other words, the elite, through whatever agents - police, tax, social agencies, etc. - will never leave the working poor in peace. Consequently, even they are "tangled in the web of hate".
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