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G.B.H. – A Fridge Too Far lyrics

I've seen the carnage that you've caused,
Smelt the power you've absorbed.
Been a witness to every crime,
And I'm dissatisfied all the time.
I wonder how you can sleep at night,
You're slumping to an all new record height.
You won't be forgotten for a long time,
You had your pound of flesh now Iwant mine.

We've got a hero,
We have a laugh.
He wears a yellow tartan scarf, a sense of humour.
He's a real star see Rupert in a fridge too far.

Contempt for wealth is all you breed,
Construct a conscience for all your greed.
Your restrictions they cut me deep,
And when you demise, I will not weep.
But life goes on they can't touch your mind,
You're the scourge of all mankind.
Now I ain't no portrait, I don't fly no flag,
You're the ambassador of hate, a diplomatic bag

Slap on the sanctions,
Show us some grit.
You've built your fence, now sit on it.
I hope all your dreams, go up in smoke,
'cause he who laughs last, didn't get the joke.

The Fridge connection
The Fridge connection ii
Fridge on the River Kwai
Heartbreak Fridge
A Fridge on Elm Street
Friday I, ii.. Iii
The last little Fridge in Texas
One flew over the Fridge

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