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G-unit – I'm Coming For You lyrics

Every body say Ride Wit' U

Yeah, it's 50Cent, and Lloyd Banks, and Young
Buck, and Joe, G-UNIT!

(Lloyd Banks)
Baby i wanna rock and roll with a trip to the club up
And still hit them rocks and im soul, can u picture,
Me and you none of your friends no crew we can do
Whatever u wanna do, i take your mind of whatever
U gonna do and sit back and relax to the sound of
The sax in the hood but that don't mean i ride around
Wit the rats i whoop and make u losse a couple pounds
In the sak


Look at what we got right here, such a work of art,
Someone i put my heart do anything it's what i'll do
Just so that she would be mine i'll give her all my
Time every part of me my mind slowly my body with
Stuff i wanna

(Joe Chourus x2)

Ride Wit' U, Live Wit' U, I wanna move Wit' U Groove
Wit' U


Times that just don't care if it's u i want im gon come
And get u and see what's really cool wit u, please
Believe i'll take u there but first lets see if your
Intelegtuall matches up wit your physical baby i wanna
(Joe Chourus x2)

(Young Buck)
Come on and ride wit the crew we can do what u like
Im ballin baby u see the blue in my eye drop the
Top an let your hair blow back and j lo chicks that
Ass goes back(Whoo)Buck no chicks to do wit all that
Chest to chest so i hit it from the back i do it like a
Pro won't nobodye now lets pop some moe ride and
Listen to joe(Ahhh)

(Joe X2)

I just wanna let u know that uuwww u so beautifal
(u so beautifal) and ten past supose the places
That we can go

(Joe Chourus x4)


50Cent, Joe, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck

(Joe x2)

I just wanna let u know that uuww u so beautifal
(u so beautifal) and ten past supose the places
That we can go

(Joe Chourus x4)

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