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G-Eazy – Tumblr Girls lyrics
[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Cause I'm in love with these Tumblr girls, with skinny waists and drug habits
Pretty faces love status, she acts as if she's the baddest
Man I swear she's just like tons of girls, she expects the free drinks
And I'm successful she thinks, always comes around when weed stinks
We fuck off and on, off and on, only ever really fuck off and on
Never see her these days cause I'm often gone
When I'm home off tour never stop for long
Back this week from across the pond
Noticed I was close to the block she's on, elevator to the floor her loft is on
Drinking whiskey, she likes vodka strong
But after we fuck it's over, walked out the door; that's closure
No I can't stay here and hold her, tomorrow act like I don't know her
Wouldn't ever be here sober, can't tell which one is colder
My clothing's on, we both did wrong, I gotta go that's what I told her

[Hook: G-Eazy]
She said she can't feel her face, right now I can't feel my heart
For your feelings there's no place, but you knew that from the start
You and I were made of glass, we'd never last [x2]
Meant to die, we moved fast and then we crashed
You and I were made of glass, we'd never last

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
She's fine as fuck and she knows it, sexy body she shows it
Loves the drama she chose it, she draws the line then she blows it
The most fun I suppose it, pops a bottle won't close it
Fills a fifth then she throws it, she pops a bar now she's dozing
She's hot and cold, hot and cold, homie I don't know she's hot and cold
Truly the bullshit has gotten old, superficial with a rotten soul
Fucking off and on, always stop and go
Probably got someone, choose not to know
Head to her place then we lock the door
Making bad calls when I'm off the blow
Cause she's a bitch, I'm selfish, want every girl, can't help it
And it's tough for me to shelf it, it's you I see myself with
Right now I know you felt it, I touched her then she melted
We shouldn't chill but we do it still, gotta play the hand if you dealt it


[Outro: Christoph Andersson]
Missing everything you say, it's not important what you stand for
You're asking will he be the one, I'll be gone before you're done tonight
Waiting for another day, you're not getting what you paid for
Trying to salvage what's undone and deny you got outrun tonight
Never knew her name, they're looking all the same to me
They only chase the fame, there's no one left to blame but me

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Tumblr Girls meanings

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    For everyone who is saying that "Tumblr girls" are not the way he is explaining they are, listen, he's talking about Tumblr models. Not the 15 year old fangirls girls that are part of fandoms. He's talking about the pictures on Tumblr you see of the girls who are really skinny with great bodies, thigh gaps, tiny waists, and pretty faces. (Note, I personally do not consider this to be perfect. No one is perfect and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Beauty comes from within in my opinion. I'm just saying this in his view.) He also talks about them having drug habits. A lot of pictures on Tumblr have marijuana and smoking references and I think that is what he's talking about. He may also be referencing that girls take a lot of weight loss drugs, going along with the "skinny waists" line. It's basically a friend with benefits. They just have sex when he's in town and then act like they don't know each other the next day. He feels bad for her because he thinks she deserves a good guy who will take care of her and love her for her, not just for sex. And he thinks he deserves a better life without the constant social pressure and drugs. Even though he doesn't want the commitment, he just wants better for her. They both know they would never last together in a relationship, but they still somehow see themselves together. She is the girl that people would label as a "sl*t" or "wh*re" because she shows her body and wears skimpy clothing, but she doesn't know any better because that's all she's ever known. Is to just show off what she has and have no respect for herself.
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      For everyone who is saying that "Tumblr girls" are not the way he is explaining they are, listen,... Read more →

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