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Fury In The Slaughterhouse – Angels And Saints lyrics

I磎 stuck here in this traffic jam,
Surrender to the news at ten,
They're talking!
A president shot from the roof,
Our dreams were never bulletproof,
They磖e dying,
We're crying,
And on tv we can watch them die again! (again again)

This one goes out to all angels and all saints
And I hope they磍l hear us calling
This one goes out to all angels and all saints
They will keep us from falling
We will all get lost without love to heal our pain
To free our souls from a life insane
This one goes out to all angels and all saints
And I hope this one will not go out in vain

Some terrorists have gone too far,
An idiot bumps into my car,
He磗 laughing!
Is envy, hate and holy war,
The dream that we were looking for,
For so long?
What磗 gone wrong?
The next one,
Will be the last one if we're not strong!

This one goes.........

After a thousand years of agony
Wise words from the balcony

[ I had a dream! (Sample M. L. King)]

Hope becomes a transient tool
When it is used by religious fools

[ I had a dream part 2 ]

The car has stopped the motor runs,
A highway full of loaded guns
Waiting to come home.
I think you've watched it long enough,
We ran out of time and times are rough,
And our destination is unknown!

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