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Funkmaster Flex – No Joke/follow Me - Buckshot Da B.D.I. Emcee lyrics

No* Joke is a cover version of "I Ain't No Joke" by Rakim A
fuller length version appears on promotional 12" [Buckshot]

ain't no joke plus, I got the bright smoke Try
to cut, my throat and I'ma go for broke First
of all I'm lettin motherf Ers... know the deal That
if you steal from Buck you, bound to kneel Now
you can call it a loop and, you can get the clearance But
to, me it's interference when I move so what If?
you interfere you get ended here and get ate up Couldn't
hold your weight up as, I Take
hold of your spirit mind body and soul Buckshot
keeps the crowd controlled So
when I look in the crowd and, watch how people wonder "Damn", The
way I flip my lyrics they don't understand I'm
just an addict addicted to microphones Maybe
it's a habit uhh, I, gotta grab it Even
if it's broken I'ma fix that shit *Put*
it together get, in your face and kick that shit *Cause*
you ain't never heard, another mc like B D. B. Emcee.
rockin, double-D and we Get
busy I'ma, strip that throat Peep
it loc breath, control I, ain't no joke [Funkmaster

Flex] Yaknahmean
Big? shot to my man Buckshot Big
shot to Dru Ha the, whole Boot Camp Clik Big
shot to Duck Down knahmean, Funkmaster?!!
Flex volume, two sixty, minutes y'all Fla-vor... I

got a question - who remember the Panthers Who?
can get the average man to Think
with a military mind prepare get ready You
bomb first no, time to rehease the verse Obey
your thirst but, this ain't Sprite Just
take a sip of the liquid lyrics I, give all night Blinded
by the daylight sight Follow
my lead cause, I'ma lead you right You
heard I, was waitin on the sidelines Waitin
for the guidelines to attack so I can pay you back Word
you, ain't never heard a better superb Mc
better than Buck huh, break, a leg good luck If
you think you gettin past the blast ask the question How
you think Buck last in, the game So?
long cause, I was strong from the beginnin of time When
I wrote my first rhyme I was like damn B
D. Let. the pen smoke Cause
I knew bitin it could make you choke Buck
ain't no joke

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