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Funkmaster Flex – Here We Come - Nelly lyrics

Originally* appeared on "Funkmaster Flex IV" as "Come Over" Yo

whattup, baby girl - f k**is the deal Nah?
youknahi'msayin I'm on my way fo' sho' Nah
well Kejuan and Murph they with me already And
you know Leezy on his way we gonna be out there in a minute But
what's goin on with you though Cause? I hope you ain't frontin Cause
it's too late at night for that y'know Nah?
no doubt though aight (here?

We.. Come.. )..Here we come now girl (all!
ov-er You.. )..Baby girl uhh, uhh [Nelly]

know I spend, hot s titwhen need be Only
n anusthat can take a still picture in 3-D (What )?If
need be I'm leavin the party with Cindy (Who is that )?Cocky
bowlegged long hairr and Fendi That
ain't nuttin - how bout her twin sister Mindy I
spit game like that I, get brains like that Butter-soft
leather seats it, came like that If
s was** football I'd, be a runningback I
can only get low and I never fumble Make
ya throw ya hands up when I break in the zone So
if it's on it's on s, titI'm takin you home I
got my own doghouse own, thrown own, bone She
like my bizza my, bad lil', dawg You
Lunatics - and that's what I be sayin bout y'all Hell
not, an M D. But. I'm always on call And
I got a stick for ya guaranteed not to stall So

We.. Come.. )..Here we come now girl (all!
ov-er You.. )..Baby girl uhh, uhh cause, we be Vokal'd
down from the sky to the ground Sippin
Alize steady, puffin on a pound Hollerin
whoa now Slow! down switch, it up Mami
don't frown go, down heat, it up Hey! (here! We.. Come.. )..Full
countdown from, the sky to the ground Sippin
Alize steady, puffin on a pound (all ov-er You.. )..Hollerin
whoa now Slow! down switch, it up Mami
don't frown go, down heat, it up [Nelly]

like a New Edition y'all; not Ronnie Bobby and Mike Not
even Ricky Ralph or Johnny instead, it rain tonight Is
this the end Damn? right I turn, out like Ike Until
Vanessa Del Rio like over Bryan Mcknight Said
oh no babydoll, kissin me as she goin down low Peepin
that demo oh +I+ can tell that you a pro Swore
up and down you never did this before Whatever..
just go slow Hated
by all types baby, fathers and dykes The
type they ready to fight cause I'm the one they women like He
think he tight he, think he got more game then spike lee Running
through his veins like an iv highspeed, Tightest
n anusfor five G's of Al D Better.
catch me now while my price is low Demandin
five digits when the Lunatics blow Another
zero for a show just, to let you ni z***know now, what [Chorus?


see me and my ni z***only come out on the weekends Cause
the weekdays too busy creepin Freakin
wit, yo' rat now, picture that When
she with you she not speakin but, she weaken Lettin
me know that, she really been thinkin About
a n anus(oooh) even when I'm not wit her I'm
frosty all year while you only in the winter My
pockets gettin fatter your, pockets gettin thinner I
ain't baptized so you callin me a sinner Overpaid
29, callin, me a young tenor Nelly
stop don't leave don't, stop when I'm in her Sherready
for whatever and I ain't even bought her dinner I
started, the game on the bench with splinters (uhh) Beggin
your coach let you play for a minute The
last seconds of the game you still waitin to enter I
aint gotta hear the buzzer boy I know who the winner come, on [Chorus


until the end] Here
we come y'all here, we come

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