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Frogs – The Boys With The Boys lyrics

Told you 'bout love
I told you you'd get it as soon as I got it
Told you 'bout love
I told you you'd get it as soon as I gave it to you
Boy, you don't know what I got
Oh, girl, you'll never get none of mine
It's for the boys
My rocks, I only get off and give 'em to the boys
The boys should get the jewels, and the finest time
Oh, run your hand through my spine
Oh boy, oh boy, you really know how to grind!
Oh girls, give up, the boys are comin' off of the top
Of my head, there it goes -- whoops!
All across the floor
Past the jewels, out the door
With the boys
Forget the girls, boys with boys
Girls get with the girls and the boys with the boys
It's only right and natural, the boys with the boys
It's only what we should have done in the first place
Fuck Eve -- that was the problem from the start
If there would've been two Adams, there would've been no problem
None of this other shit would've ever happened
But the boys, oh, get rid of the girls, get with the boys
Oh, raise your dildos high, we're the boys
We know what we're doin', we're the boys
We'll turn this town up and down, let's hear it for the boys

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