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Frente! – Dangerous lyrics

Do you ever wake up in the morning
Somebody's changed the deal
Who you are, the way you feel,
The whole situation's just a little unreal
You're sleeping with an eight-minute warning
Living hanging over your head
It's just God's hand but I understand
Sometimes it's kinda difficult to get out of bed
Naked in my storm
You haven't even got a future just to keep you warm
You once were something wild
Someone's lover, someone's child
Do you hear that sound?
Another young lover just hit the ground
Do you know me at all?
Do you ever look out the window,
Somebody's changed the scene
You feel like you're standing in another country
Nobody can understand what you mean
Are you happy with your human hatred?
Stand up and look into the vacancy and tell me
Have you already decided to die
Have you already decided to die?
Do you hear that sound?
Another young lover just hit the ground
All the boys and girls are falling in a hush in the unkind world
I remember a time when we were all quiet and prepared
To climb, but we were so, so young
And the one you say you love
Is just the one you most mistrust
And you tiptoe through your lives
You pretend you're all so

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