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French Montana – Don't Panic lyrics

Don't panic, ****a don't panic
Don't panic, ****a don't panic

Shawty fell in love with a hustler
Man I took her from a buster
****As keep talkin' like they know something
I slide on your bitch like she on something
Don't panic, don't panic
We just getting started ****a don't panic
Real ****as getting cake
Watch the fake ****as hate
Don't panic, don't panic
We just getting started ****a don't panic
Don't panic, don't panic
We just getting started ****a don't panic

Talking fish scales like a whole salmon
See you fuck ****as from four planets
Just getting started ****a don't panic
If you a star, I'm a whole planet
Acting like she won't get it
Have her run through the time like Jerome Bettis
You don't want it, don't look for it
Have your bitch on a surfboard, surfboard, surfboard
If you want this money, gotta work for it
Puff, puff pass with your lookin' ass
Bust it wide open, make it nasty


[Verse 2:]
I won’t let up, sippin’ that Ciroc, I’m a rebel
Real bitches gon’ wait on me, fake bitches gon’ skate on me
Real bitches getting cake, fake bitches gon’ hate
She a model on the Gram
Getting swallowed was the plan
This young thug need four bitches
Take her to the crib take no pictures
Ass fat, let me get up on it
Bounce back early in the morning


Don't panic, ****a don't panic, don't panic


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