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Freestyle – Freestyle 2 lyrics

lok at this crazy ass vato trying to say he's tuff
trying to say he ruff
i lie, cheat, and steal
not to mention kill and deal
look in the mirrior and tell me what u see
a nother bitch trying to be me
one of this day im going to catch u triipin
im the one holding the glock and my fingers are slippin
dog now u crossed the line
ganna take out my nine
and waste ur life
fuck the gun ill do it with a knife

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    I'm like a teacher so you learn right, you can't come on this ride you need to earn height, if you wana battle you better learn to fight. Now ima knock you out man this ain't fight night. This is just a game to you but I'm heading for fame, and check it your assassination was really arranged, you are special dog you obtained my attention, you need lots of help man this aint intervention and your rhymes are bad dog you've been suspended, so take out the white flag and just f*****g surrender.
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