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Freddie Gibbs – My Dogz lyrics

I do this shit for my niggas, my motherfucking dawgz
It's me and you against the world, nigga fuck em all
Whether we thugging in the streets or behind the wall
I do this shit for my niggas, my motherfucking dawgz
For my niggas, my motherfucking dawgz
For my niggas, I'm screaming fuck em all
For my niggas, my motherfucking dawgz
For my niggas, I'm screaming fuck em all

[Verse 1:]
I'd ride for you
Damn near done died for you
When the po-po's searched the car, took the charge and I lied for you
That's on everything
A-one hundred solid, I never change
I'd trade my life for you nigga, I know you'd do the same
Whether we rob, steal, kill, just to get a meal
Thugging with me before this rap shit and the record deal
Surviving off the dollar menu from McDonalds
Promise we gon' live it up
That's if we live to see tomorrow
Never beg or borrow
My nigga take it til he make it
And ever since I was a kid, I fight for you like we related
You my motherfucking brother
Share my bitches, share my weed
If it's dough, how much you need?
If you sit down, I'll feed your seeds
Plenty time we disagree, but stuck it out like real niggas

We straight on the petty shit cause we see the bigger picture
I tell my homies that I love em while I'm still around em
I do this shit for them cause I couldn't do this shit without em


[Verse 2:]
Cause you's a down-ass bitch, and I ain't mad
I promise that for you and Matt, I might just give my last
So smart and beautiful, I'm so proud when I look at you
I call her my baby sister, but you my nigga too
Yeah, we used to fuss and fight
Cause we so much alike
Steady trying to prove you wrong, when all along I know you right
People say your brother do dirt, he can't keep his hands clean
But through it all, you ain't never shit on my rap dream
Love me when I'm balling, the same way when I'm falling
Miss my family while I'm working, I can't come around that often
Always make the time to call her
And let her know I'm gravy
Heard you bout to have a baby
Uncle Fred, that sounds so crazy
Maybe I've been tripping lately
Cause I ain't stop and holler'd
And make sure that you straight before I make another dollar
Sometimes my life be crazy in this race to get in richer
But I never put a thing before my family or my motherfuckin niggas


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