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Freddie Foxxx – P.A.I.N.E. lyrics

Soft ass niggaz

Mo fuckin soft ass niggaz

It's bout to be on


What your knockin in ya tape deck that's my property
Unknown forces think they stoppin me

Here's some information I'm god's child

Meat, bones, blood and veins

And I bust till I can't mix mud and brains

Some day I might be punished for the shit that I do

So crack the gates off hell I might slide through

But I aint staying I need to pay A visit to the man

That took my baby brother from the palm of my hand

I'm A menace to the public like too many theives

Overcome by rappers who pump too many trees

So is stand out like A white cop in harlem with two rusty almies

That's what I call them

I'm A giant in A field of mice
We call techs and spikes

Giving R&B rap niggaz short life

You wanna dance wit an underground puffy

Without niggaz around me who might want to bust me

Sometimes I'm like A white man "DON'T TRUST ME"

Sometimes I'm like A black man thinkin like A white man "ALL YOU NIGGAZ DISGUST ME"

Fuck who you are I don't care who you are

I'm the roundest nigga down here square who you are

You want drama you can get it

And premier's down wit it baby


There's not A problem that I can't fix

All I need is my two four fiths

And if you niggaz want trouble

I'll show ya'll the devil

And I only aim straight for the brain

It's the preme and bumby bringing the paine bringing the paine

Bringing the paine

Verse 2

It's the smackdown

Fuck the rock and all that

I'll smack niggaz down who think they all that

All you rap niggaz cat fighting just wanna be seen

In A magazine lip twisted looking all mean

I got A heart like mean joe green

And I run niggaz down and got paid for it since sixteen

I'm an adict B this thug shit is like nicotein

And I can't stop smoking I can't stop smoking

I'm like rakim with muscles no joking
If niggaz try to disrespect my melody

I'm gunning for the felony

There's A whole lot of question's that really need answers

Like who the fuck told you that your rhyme style was hot

You know when biggie died who bust that shot
Why is sammy the bull still living and where the fuck is pac

It's A rat raceniggaz don't wanna see rich

Catch 22: niggaz don't wanna see me flip

Cause I'm billy danze, billy gram, li'l fame, jesse james, manson and darma

I love black bitches

I'm A night time nigga day riches

I won't even call the wolves for you niggaz I'll bring gay bitches
It's like ordering take out

You know you gonna get it


Verse 3

If I die today or tommorow I got no regrets

I'm like the cigarette before cancer "HARD TO FORGET"

I'm start to the finish I don't like wheezing

Cause niggaz don't nigotiate it's all about feevin'

Tired of proving that I ain't leaving until I'm done

Put my last mic in my casket and then I won!

Rap's A rip or take wild like sparfin back in 86

Rush in for the godz bust in for the godz

You better get your camera out

Flip the moving yurro

That don't carry one gun I do that shit A plural

Yo preme the niggaz think that I was A fake now
After the shakedown

Still ain't catch no drama

When pache had beef I passed the lama
And told my nigga holla if it get thick

I'm there like mamma
Sunshine and rain put time and paine

Like A two type cardiare watch diamond frame

Duke signed his name
Got caught up in his lyrics

Now he ray charles busting his gun blind and aim

With the two overhead cabs peddeled to the floor
I'm the black bentley assal wit the bulletproof doors

I'm never satisfied I want more

Like A 350 pound nigga on an airplane I want more

It's about to be on

You want beef you could get it

And premier's down with it baby


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