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Frank Zappa – The Madison Panty-Sniffing Festival lyrics

Fz: Well it's contest time ladies and gentlemen. Direct from Madison,
Wisconsin, it's the Madison Panty-Sniffing Festival, just as promised.
Vinnie: Cough!
Fz: Heavy duty? Maroon nylon heavy duty. Okay. .. Light blue cotton with tiny
Skid. .. . That's getting him very excited because it appears that the bottom
Parts of those pants are welded together. Okay let's try this, alice blue nylon
.. .
Vinnie: These smell like the same ones I had last night.
Fz: For those of you who didn't hear he says those smell like the same ones he
Had last night. Did you like them? You don't like those?
Vinnie: Maybe they are, maybe she's following us around.
Fz: Black Nylon!
Vinnie: Ooooohhhh please!
Fz: Black Nylon, re. .. E-hem, registring a 19 on the Richter scale.
Vinnie: Oh, God. .. Gotta keep on. .. Hah hah, it's fuckin' disgusting!
Fz: These are very light blue and apparently have come in contact with some
Corrosive material that has eaten the bottom out of it.
Vinnie: China syndrome.
Fz: What?
Vinnie: China Syndrome!
Fz: Yeah, ha ha ha ha ha! Awright, rustic hokey pokey, model number thirteen.
Vinnie: Oorhh, nehh. (hack, hack)
Fz: Blue with the little embroidered things on the front.
Vinnie: This smells like armpits. Ugh. ..
Fz: Okay who wins? Those belong to Chuck Eldridge.
Ike: Hi.
Fz: Sorry.

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