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Frank Zappa – Brown Moses lyrics

[Fz synclavier
Chad Wackerman drums]

Brown Moses:

Oh-oh! Wait a minute!


What wickedness id this?
De way you's carryin' on!
This pygmy I be clutchin'
Have been lef' out on de lawn!

De daddy were ne-Glij-ible,
De mama were de-Flate-able,
De trauma to de imfunt
Be mostly not ne-Gate-able

Yo' urgin' to be exitin'
Because of dem fla-min-i-go's
Be thoroughly perplexin' him
Because of where yo' petuh goes

If only you been 'siderate
Erbout this lil' illiterate
I wouldna been trudgin' cross de san'
Fum way down yonder in E-gyp-lan'

Dey callin' me brown moses,
Fo' dat id sho'ly what I am,
Ancient an' re-lij-er-mus
Solemn an' pres-tig-i-mus

Wisdom reekin' outa me
'Long wif summa this baby pee
'Minds me of dem River Weeds
'n all dem ignint Bible deeds

Growed up in de Pharoah place,
Lef' de sucker in disgrace!
Some dem boys refuse to loin
Somthin' smokin': Somthin' boin!

Somethin' borry: Somethin' blue!
Best keeps a lil' paper
In yo shoe!
Hear me when I's tellin' you:
Leavin' de midgit were
Wrong T'do!

It's a terr'ble thang, done did to him
Left wit de crab-grass
Over his chin!

Sho'ly one day he will grow,
'n put some shit
In yo' sack o' woe

Ol' brown moses now have spoke!
Could ya lends me 'bout a dollar?
I's a tiny bit broke

I likes my wine
I loves my gin
'n for a lil' collateral,
I'll gives ya him!
A lil' collateral,
I'll gives ya him!
A lil' collateral,
I'll gives ya him!
I said a lil' collateral,
A lil' collateral,
A lil' collateral,
A lil' collateral,
A lil' collateral,
I'll gives ya him!
I'll gives ya him!
Take A pompadour, baby!

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