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Frank Ocean – Pink Matter lyrics
(feat. André 3000)

And the peaches and the mangos
That you could sell for me

[Verse 1: Frank Ocean]
What do you think my brain is made for
Is it just a container for the mind?
This great grey matter
Sensei replied, "What is your woman?
Is she just a container for the child?"
That soft pink matter
Cotton candy, Majin Buu, oh, oh
Close my eyes and fall into you
My God, she’s giving me pleasure

[Verse 2: Frank Ocean]
What if the sky and the stars are for show
And the aliens are watching live
From the purple matter?
Sensei went quiet then violent
And we sparred until we both grew tired
Nothing mattered
Cotton candy, Majin Buu, oh, oh
Dim the lights and fall into you, you, you
My God, giving me pleasure
Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure
Pleasure over matter

[Verse 3: André 3000]
Since you been gone, I been having withdrawals
You were such a habit to call
I ain't myself at all, had to tell myself, "Naw
She better with some fella with a regular job"
I didn’t wanna get her involved
By dinner Mr. Benjamin was sitting in awe
Hopped into my car; drove far
Far’s too close and I remember my memory's no sharp
Butter knife, what a life, anyway
I’m building y’all a clock, stop, what am I, Hemingway?
She had the kind of body that would probably intimidate
Any of ‘em that were un-southern, not me, cousin
If models are made for modelin'
Thick girls are made for cuddlin’
Switch worlds and we can huddle then
Who needs another friend? I need to hold your hand
You’d need no other man, we’d flee to other lands

Grey matter
Blue used to be my favorite color
Now I ain't got no choice
Blue matter

[Outro: André 3000]
You’re good at being bad, you’re bad at being good
For heaven’s sakes, go to hell, nah, knock on wood
You’re good at being bad, you’re bad at being good
For heaven’s sakes go to hell
Knock, knock, knock, knock on wood
Well frankly when that ocean so mu'fucking good
Make her swab the mu'fucking wood
Make her walk the mu'fucking plank
Make her rob a mu'fucking bank
With no mask on and a rusty revolver

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Pink Matter meanings

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    My interpretation of pink matter is the narrator battling his own self-conscious. He's stuck in his thoughts, pondering over many things in this song, firstly he's questioning the importance of the brain, wondering if it's really important at all, or if it's solely a protection for our minds. Then he is questioning the importance of a woman, wondering if her purpose is solely to procreate and give him pleasure, and not to love her. He then wonders if human beings are being watched by aliens, our lives simply entertainment for those beyond us. When he refers to "sensei", he is talking to himself, answering his own questions, rather, fighting logic over pleasure. He says he and sensei sparred until the both grew tired, which means that he fought with his conscious until temptation or pleasure won, causing him to ignore logic and use the woman for pleasure, versus loving her. He keeps her around solely for his benefit, because she is of no importance to him outside of pleasuring him. When andre comes in, he's basically missing a woman that let go because he knew that he could not be what she wanted from him, not could he give her all of his time because of his profession. He does not want to hold her back and put her feelings into him, because he knew that he could not do the same. His part of the song contrasts with frank's, for he chooses matter over pleasure. He prefers women with curves, like most southern women, not models with shallow minds and no depth. He basically describes this woman as someone of a great conversation, heart, as well as body. Towards the end of the song, to sum it up, you're good at being bad, bad at being good, meaning women are good for some reasons, and bad for others, pleasure and matter have their pros and cons, etc. It's an amazing piece. One of my favorites.
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    In the song "pink matter" by frank ocean, tells a story of a man who is taking full notice to how beautiful woman are, calling woman cotton candy, soft and pink, meanwhile he expains this while unseemingly being funny towards a woman taken for granted by a man who only wants her for show or kids, based on stereotypes and fears. The story comes to the man being with this woman and having kids with her. , explaining that although she is not "the purple matter", he still chooses pleasure over matter. No one wins but "nothing matters".
    "this song is so powerful and genius. Frank ocean is one of the best artist of all time" instagram #artistla.
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    Like to say how people believe its wrong for him to like blue matter, and hypocrites often say u'll go to hell for it. And that soft pink matter, cotton candy majin buu. Means a woman is sweet lik cotton candy but majin buu is the ability to turn something in to candy, he's making his self believe she's what he wants because of what everyone else believes. I think if it wasn't for his coming out letter I wouldn't have understood his words.
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      My interpretation of pink matter is the narrator battling his own self-conscious. He's stuck in his... Read more →
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      In the song "pink matter" by frank ocean, tells a story of a man who is taking full notice to how... Read more →

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