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FOXAL – Mirror lyrics

Saw time stall at the end of the day.
Watched the light head west and the sun fade away,
When a voice from within whispered “you can't stay”,
But I stood my ground knees deep in a grave.

Below the surface, I'm 6 feet under.
Left for my loved ones to cry, to wonder.
And while my flesh starts to tear asunder,
I can feel in my skin, the sound of thunder.

A clap so loud, that it shakes the ground.
But I can't be heard, no, I can't be found.
Cause as the ground shakes the dirt fills my mouth
And the earth I lay in drowns my cries out.

Is this death or is this life?
See one is so easy, while one is a fight.
Use care, my friend when comes the day's end,
You can die many times ‘fore tomorrow begins.

I can type out my feelings but can't press send.
I do shit that kills me but fear for the end.
When I turn to the mirror and look deep within.
I don't need a doctor, but maybe a friend.

There’s a man to my north, but he's facing the east.
I get down on my knees and I beg and I plead,
“Help me, save me, you're all that I need”,
But before I continue, he turns and leaves.

My skin starts to shrink as I'm left all alone,
Turn back to the mirror, and my eyes meet a ghost.
And as i stare he leans in close and whispers...
“What do you want from me?”

He talks with my voice, but he thinks for himself.
I ask where we are then he opens his mouth.
“I tremble to think of a life without doubt,
Where everyone learns things from just word of mouth.

When you question the worlds when you learn what's inside.
I promise it's easy, just look in my eyes.
These eyes that are yours, and behind them you'll find
What makes you and me, not a brain, but a mind”

And as he spoke through me with rhythm and rhyme,
I feel my mouth move and hear sound from inside.
But these words that I hear, no these are not mine.
Is this God up above or the devil in line?

Then the man in the mirror, he tells me my time has come.
And he says that it's useless to run.

Life ain't black and white, he began to say,
Instead, The pain we feel is shades of grey.
His is graphite, but yours is slate, so don't let his pain decide your
See mine hurts in pewter, but hers is in ash,
We don't feel the same cause we're on different paths.

And as he spoke he shook and thrashed,
And I felt a cold shiver run down my back.
I knew it was truth, these words can't be fiction.
My soul slipped away through his elegant diction.

“You learn many things when you hear things to listen,
So stop using words to force others positions.
Remember your past but hold onto your vision,
Live for today, cause the past is a prison.”

He spoke with a clarity, made himself known,
And That's when I realized his words were my own.

The blood of my fathers that runs through my veins,
Is screaming inside me, I'm going insane.
But there's something about all this hurt and confusion,
That gives peace of mind, like I'm finally lucid.

The man facing east is now back from the north,
But this time he's facing me, now he wants more.
I look to my right and I see the sun rising,
And realize that day is just nighttime disguising.

To my left, in the mirror, I find my repentance.
The death I now live is my own rightful sentence,
But I won't accept it this coffin gives guidance,
I turn to the mirror and scream out in silence…
“What do you want from me?”

The mirror before me distorts my perception
I hide from myself for myself’s own protection
There's a reason I'm buried here, learning a lesson,
The one who knew best was my own reflection.

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