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Forever Sets The Sun – Aurora Tides lyrics

The tide draws near
It closes in on the shore
To freeze your bones
And chill your core
Ankles submerged
Will you be heard?
The sea forgets but doesn't forgive

Soon swept away
From all you thought you knew
False senses of security
Are now removed
Feel what I felt
I'll deal what you dealt
Save your last ounce of air,
For your fathomless forever.

I stared into your eyes
As you realized
You lost all control
You've lost control.
I wont hesitate to say,
You're on your own.
Helpless and alone.

Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you need?
To fight for your life,
As you choke on the sea.
Deeper and deeper,
It breaches your lungs.
You're gasping and reaching,
Your time has come.

These currents contain, no remorse.
No sympathy for the weak,
Until they're washed up on the shore.
Your efforts were feeble,
But mine were in vain.
So spend all of your days,
In your home beneath the waves.

Finally you've come to see,
You're all you set out to be
Nothing to me
Give up, let go.
Because it's too late
Don't falter for me,
Do it for your own sake.

I'll be the lighter
You'll be the leech
You're not welcome here anymore
I'll be the lighter
You'll be the leech
You're not welcome here anymore

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