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Flynnville Train – Preachin To The Choir lyrics

If you're hands are hurtin' from a week of workin'
And holding your woman is the only thing they're good for
You're preaching to the choir
If the price of gas is breakin' your back
And that drive to work is killin' your paycheck
You're preaching to the choir
If your worried about where this country's headed
And you don't believe one politician gets it


You're preaching to the choir
A fellow workin' man
There's a whole lot of stuff messed up
Can I getta amen
Something's gotta give
Cause we're all getting tired
So go on **** and moan
You're preaching to the choir

If the good book sits beside your bed
And under your roof we're still one nation under god
You're preaching to the choir
If you like the chance to wrap your hands
'Round that S. O. B. That hurt that kid on the evenin' news
You're preaching to the choir
If you know there ain't no hero like a soldier
But you hate to ever have to send 'em over


If the golden rule still means something to ya
Well hallelujah


Preaching to the choir

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