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Fly To The Sky – I Want lyrics

Baby~ I don't wanna see you no more
Baby~ I don't wanna see love no more
(Modu jiugesso) amu uimi obdon shigansoge jichyo idon noui
Nunbichdur soge
Get away from me yeah~

Ijen noui gyotheso nega do isangun mour sun obnun gonji
Jigumkod hamgeyodon noui sumgyorjocha nukir sun obso

Hey yo "B"? Who messin' with? That fool ain't nothing kid
You always sayin' you my girl when we be kickin' it
Passionate kisses and making love all through the night
Sensual talks and walks underneath the moonlight
Together Boo, hunnie can't you feel it too?
When I be tasting your lips with oils rubbin' you
And there ain't nothing you can do to make me lose control
I can't let go, I need to know, why you be frontin' yo!


Ijewa heojija go oiobshi torgun naui surphun shisonur
Onjena noui gyotheso sumur swigo shiphun narur arjanha


Iji mothe apha hemeir nege gurohge neng jong hage dorasonun no
Ajig sarainun uri chuogi negen ooh~

There you go again, same shit you said before
I thought I told you what you say ain't gonna make me go
The other nigga gonna leave, believe my word is bond
Can't you hear me love, I want you girl, Yo hips be fine
I mean dayam! Why you actin' like he better than me?
Nigga Playin' wit'cha mind, I got love ya see
It's important that you know the love I got for you
I'd die for you, I dedicate my life to you (what!)


Wha, wha, wha, what you gonna do when that punk nigga leaves you
Sayin' you the one while he be sleepin' with yo'whole crew
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday he up on you
Every other day he gone, he be up on lil' Vicky too
Nothing to fear 'cause I'll be here when you alone
Going with him was a mistake and now he gone
I told you from the start that he gonna make you cry
Bring it back, hold me close, you and me, that's right (what!)
Baby~ I don't wanna see you no more

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