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Fleet Foxes – Montezuma lyrics

So now I am older,
Than my mother and father,
When they had their daughter,
Now what does that say about me.
Oh how could I dream of,
Such a selfless and true love,
Could I wash my hands of?
Just lookin out for me

Oh man what I used to be
Oh man oh my oh me (x2)

In dirth or in excess
Both the slave and the empress,
Will return to the dirt I guess,
Naked as when they came.
I wonder if I'll see,
Any faces above me,
Or just cracks in the ceiling,
Nobody else to blame.

Oh man what I used to be,
Oh man oh my oh me (x2)

Gold teeth and gold jewelry
Every piece of your dowry
Throw them into the tomb with me
Bury them with my name.
Unless I have someday,
Ran my wandering
In my underway

Oh man what I used to be
Montezuma to tripoli
Oh man oh my oh me

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    The first verse he is saying he has reached the age when his parents had their first child and he wonders if he could ever be responsible and selfless enough to love and raise a child. The second verse he musses about death, saying all people, rich and poor, will certainly die, but he will he die alone in a room looking at the ceiling or with "faces" above him I. E. People who love him. Presumably his children. The last verse he is sing throw all his wealth in his tome with him when he dies. (dowry being what he would have given away at his daughter's wedding had he had children) unless he ends his ways of irresponsibility, grows up, and raises a family.
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    Montezuma to tripoli is an allusion to the marine's hymn and I think it refers to the battles each of us must fight to find our way in the world and how his parent's battle isn't his battle but that his will be just as hard as theirs was and he is hopeful it'll be as successful. Regardless whatever our battle the same fate awaits us all so don't waste your time.
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    The first verse seems to be the narrator assessing the life he has led so far. Especially in comparison to his parents, and that he could never dream of comparing himself to them. He has surpassed the age that his parents had their first child, whitch is a tremendous point in life. Then he seems to have a quite fatalistic view of the future, where he muses on after-life and his own end. All encommpassed within the sombre tone of the music. Pretty deep stuff man,.
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