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Fit For An Autopsy – The Consumer lyrics

A desecration, a wasteland, a gluttons paradise. A world infected, a
Breed emaciated, a disgusting way of living life. Ingested genetic
Pollution. Bleed the well dry pulsing through the arteries. Corroded
Swollen veins. Wallow in the swill of the storm drain runoff, born
Blistered and sterilized. Bloated chemical backslide, already drowning
In the acid of the afterbirth. The wheels are turning in the wrong
Direction. The greatest of consumers. The sow of the masses. Unholy
Leaders of immoral sacrifice. Foreseeable panic. Devastation and
Havoc. Pig and man as one the butchers block. A desecration, a
Wasteland, a gluttons paradise. A desecration, a wasteland, a gluttons
Paradise. A world infected, a breed emaciated, a disgusting way of
Living life. Ingested genetic pollution. Bleed the well dry, narrow
Corridors, slowly shrinking. Close the doors, the floor is sinking.
The once proud face of man, embraced by hooks hung from the ceiling.
House of swine. Kingdom of dirt. Feed the flies, gorging on the sewage
Of the Earth. Nothing but a smear on a timeline. A shred of nothing,
Nothing. House of swine. Kingdom of dirt. Feed the flies, gorging on
The sewage of the Earth. Shells of men, polluted worms. Spineless
Hosts. Bones left to burn. House of swine. Kingdom of dirt. Feed the
Flies, gorging on the sewage of the Earth.

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