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Fiend – I'm Losing My Mind lyrics

I know, I know two wrongs don't make a right
But, sometimes niggas be tripping, knowI'msaying

That dirty thing went pow, all I could say was
Look what quickly happened to that yapping niggas I rap
I'm foul, you heard my side of the fucking story
My cousin Tory, with a twenty for me but I wanted the glory
Now spot him I didn't seen, scouted out his team
Get punked, 'fore I jump, bumping that old fiend
Hit a lick and say 'cause, I'm heading to the city
Incase I don't take him, I think my God won't forgive me
And just because money famous all my cars pretty
Don't mean this star gone balls on getting shitty
I heard this bastard, was repping on some past shit
With a spot why I blasted, with somebody in a casket

(Chorus - 2x)
I think I'm losing my mind, I think I'm losing my mind
I think I'm losing my mind, I think I'm losing my mind
I feel like using that nine, I feel like using that nine
I feel like using that nine, I feel like using that nine

These evil thoughts want out, trying to avoid
The paranoid thoughts of, taking the wrong route
Fuck wrong when you hungry and can't take it
Situations be made out of glass and can break it
Fouls I'm that child being broke, won't find me
Early death, won't catch me and standing behind me
Now the LAZ-E Boy so don't try to recline me
A three strike system might bout to be find me
Look my, nerves are bad, inherit em from my dad
Behind cold hard cash ready to go mad
I, thumb through your pad ready with flammable gas
And your pants will be burned nigga formulating blood baths

(Chorus - 2x)

I think I'm losing my mind1 "I'm Losing My Mind" by FIEND
I feel like using that nine
I think I'm losing my mind
I feel like using that nine

(Man hold on here a minute, I just spent five motherfucking years
y'all ain't talking bout, I'm losing my mind, I'm using my nine
Man what is you talking bout) Man, you know what, you right youknowI'msaying
Where I'm from niggas don't be yapping they reacting, I'ma get it on though
(Now that's what I'm talking bout) give me a pound give me something like that
(Hell yeah) (*gun shot*)
BA!!!! mother bitch fucker boy don't you ever disrespect me when I'm talking

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