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Fetti Cash – For Me lyrics

I'm one of universal sets chain gang smurf murder
77 gun salute F's a 2 stripe general
You fuckeroos gon' bang who?
Go head and front and get your nose broke snuffa luffa kiss
I'm the big bird, you's the big herb and that's just it
Whatever you make in the hood I want in
Not 10 but 50 percent, that's word to willy ding
I flip whatever I cop, two times before niggas finish a pack
Now that grind mode, fetti cash got a mean flow
Plus I sting like a bee, who said I don't
Bet I beat they face in like Ali
Now say my name chump catch a few lumps
Fetti cash is the champ you know I do this for my G's
I do this for my thugs popping heat, I'm on grind getting no sleep
Bringing them G's back

(Chorus 2x):
Ask around I'ma warrior
If you wondering how I'm victorious
On my last lap for the victory
It ain't hard to tell this is meant for me

[Verse 2:]:
Sooner or later my patience gonna run out empty
I fuck around and poke something man you know I get busy
Monkey wrench to your brain bitch go head and temp me
I got the strength of 3 hunnit men the force is in me
Play the low when I'm trippy, I get high off the sticky
This is the flow of the century, who fucking with me
You gon' take a big lost if you going against me
I run laps around you niggas and this here is the victory
You won't find another sound, mainstream or underground
Fuckin with this style (oowww) if you want I'll dumb it down
It's the bandit, F cash I run the town
I'm looney I'll murder something with a open trial
Catch you in the streets bring it right to your bumper
Hit the road for what, mother fucker I ain't no runner
Get yo ass tow up if you thing I'm a come up
I tell you one thing, this gon' be one hell of a summer fuckers

(Chorus 2x)

(Bridge 4x):
This meant for me

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