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Fetti Cash – Corners lyrics

(Awww man, Nit Lo
Yeaa yeaa
Ruff town music
Fetti I told
I got you man)

[Verse:]: Nit Lo
I love these streets and going hard over beats
Duffle bag fulla guns moving in a G wa son
Peep how I murder the game the 40 cal murder you lames
Niggas change up like the weather, under pressure never
Comfortable in my skin a good mix like juice and gin
I can't lose I'ma win yall pretend to be killers
We at the round table planning your death over dinner
Nit lo is a patron sipper, mad love nigga
You talking bout that cash then I'm all in nigga
Bitches fuck me, homies grip up with me
I'ma warn ya if you looking for me I be on the corner
Right next to Jolie's rest in peace little jolie
Wish you did what I did when ogs tried to school me
But your pops holding it down, we up in ruff town
Still gripping the gun, it's nit lo... One!

(Chorus 2x):
Since I been on that brickstack ishhh
I've been sitting back stacking them brickstack chips
In the streets they heard of them brickstack hits
And how I be making all of them quick fast flips

[Verse 2:]: Fetti Cash
I'm bout that paper man, haters be hating man
So go head and get a grip I slipped and fell
But I'm so back (word) homie it's a wrap
You want the bloody war heres the beast from bloody raw
You wanna see my claws or that forty four
Bull dog jump off, don't get crossed
By that switch blade, you fish bate
So I guess you was the worm, one of soldiers confirm
That you was a germ, and infant born from rotten sperm
I watched and learned sat back and blew trees till my eyes blead
Plus I heard from a little birdie, that these fuckers really wanna test me
Then shots gonna fire... I thought I told you clowns don't be playing around
Now it's murder, death kill I ain't playing around I bet I'm laying you down fuckers

(Chorus 2x)

[Verse 3:]: Mark Will
(Mark will... I need my blocks back, know what I mean, I need my corners)
I made it fore this is a lifetime of pain
Oozing thru these verses that's why my vocals strain
Straight from the soil concrete rough terrain
Was standing next to rick I seen him get splattered brains
But when it comes to focus it's hard to maintain
Dealing with killers who life have no remorse of shame
Many times I neal and ask god to forgive my sins
But it's hard when you selling drugs sitting in a 6 benz
Sleep is the cousin of death, envy's the brother of hate
So I keep them both close and let the toast spray
My where abouts in the slums be unknown
Cause being broke make some of the softest cats
Become violent prone
Living conditions close to (*****)
I thank eric b for giving me hope he was the first black president
Came in the door, on the waist the four in the crib with pepsi
Cutting up that white raw, in the mean time in between studio time
I was heavy on the block pushing slabs of dimes
All of my real cats from the five and the K
Pushing grams of white please stay out the cops way
And I ain't gotta name no names that real know how ya boy
Kept a job and pushed pills on the low
Never floss for show and suppress all the goodies
It don't mean you a criminal when you wearing a hoodie
I don't hold a grudge but how he get an assault with a gun charge
Moms an attorney his pops is a judge huh!
The bigger the cap the bigger the peeling
Treat your dome like a retractable roof, drop your ceiling
You don't like me and I don't like you
Now that we got that out the way, the feeling is mutual
Respect close to real you don't care about the slums
Put up a front like you tryna get rid of all the guns, nah homie
I'm about to raise the bar homie, cause this time yall done went to far homie
It's gun play the fights cause even the realest cats cry at night
When that C. O say lights out
I'm not a lifer but I had felony thoughts on how to get this money
And stay the hell up out of court, it's a sport with true to life G's
We ride for it by any means we side down to ride G

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