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Fel Mula – Trouble lyrics

[Verse 1]


Trouble is where the home is.
The mothers need help, dads disown their kids
And wonder why they're wild... ain't seen them in a while
Teach them not to sell crack. Tell them youngin, crack a smile

But when the times are hard, they seeing what he saw
The trouble seems perfect. Lose your life, is it worth it?
But when your life is worthless and you don't like living
Getting killed or do the killing is an easy ass decision

Run with trouble, tried to run from my past
But the past is exact. You will never get it back

You gotta deal with the future
So niggas go and deal to provide for their future
I had to face the fact I couldn't take it to the rack
And I know that crack kills so I chased a record deal

Try to make a mill and make it out this hell
That we call home where the trouble makers roam
Shots of that Goose got me loose and Patron got me on
In my zone bout to find my way home

Run with trouble, tried to run from my past
But the past is exact. You will never get it back

We still living in the present
I know that it's a gift, I'm just looking for the second
Give him just a second, youngin' gonna make it bubble
Then he went and made the double. All thanks be to trouble

Find his own way, yes he will
But what the trouble do? It got him killed
It's that real

[Verse 2]


Runnin fast, I get burned by the rubber
Shorty said she burning. She forgot to use a rubber
No trouble, then she wouldn't be pregnant
At the clinic bout to send him up to heaven; God's present

Trying to achieve a better future
In the race, victory, I won't lose ya. I need ya!
Because even though I pledge allegiance to the flag
Obama will not be there when they put me in a bag

Just another murder, probably won't make the paper
So we all live and die, run and chase the paper
And my niggas hustle 'til they get caught
Now they gotta dress up to go to court

And get sentenced
The drug game ain't nothin like they thought
Run away from trouble was his last thought
I'm a witness!

The cage is where the trouble ends
But he just had a baby so another one begins
Cause he won't be there to show his son right from wrong
And make sure that he and trouble doesn't get along

Then I'll have to sing the same old song
Bout a good boy that went wrong, so long

From the tomb where it's already assumed
That the father isn't there or there isn't any room
He left before the birth, from the womb to the tomb
Deadbeats, they kill their sons before their lives have begun

We still in the war
The battle is not won
All the soldiers; they are dying
Cops are killing, they are lying

Paper chase, yes sir, I hear the sirens
Forgive me for my sins, but this is where it ends

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