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Fastball – Telephone Calls lyrics

Telephone calls
Apartment A is at it again
Paper thin walls
She's been sleeping around with other men
And other women
But right about now her head is swimming
He's breakin' up the furniture
Screamin' and a yellin'
About to beat the hell outta her

Chorus 1
Television ringin' in my ear
I've been thinkin'
Haven't had a break in 20 years
I've been drinkin'

Telephone calls
Insanity is just another ring away
I get the paper
Take a look at it every single day
Another episode
Another life flushed down the camode(spelling?)
We're all carrying such a heavy load
I get no slack
It's breakin' my back

Chorus 2
Television ringin' in my ear, I've been drinkin'
Haven't had a break in 20 years
I've been thinkin' get me out of here..
'til the coast is clear

Television ringin'in my ear, I've been thinkin'
Haven't had a break in 20 years
I keep drinkin' Television ringin' in my ear,
I keep drinkin' liquor, wine, and beer
I've been thinkin'
Get me out of here
I've been thinkin'..

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