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Family Guy – You And I Are lyrics

=* Talking Both-

and I are So
awfully different Too
awfully different To
ever be palls Stewie-

Do *you want to go first Brian-?*
Yeah *I'll go Brian-*

Your favorite hero is the Marquee de Sad Stewie-
Oh *you're one to talk You,* get a stiffy from Phylicia Rashad Brian-
Oh *one time Stewie-*

I've a style flair just, look at my hip hair Brian-
Oh *yeah that's, quite a nice do there Stewie-*
Oh *thanks Brian-*
For *me to poop on Stewie-*
What *Brian-?*
Oh *come on you look like Charlie brown Stewie-*
Bite *me snoopy Both-*

not A,
whole lot That,
weve got To
agree on Brian-

'Cause I like the strains of a classical score Stewie-
And I like that singer who looks like a w e***Brian-
Rickie *Martin Stewie-?*
Luv' *'em Both-.*

too different to ever be palls Both-

and I are (doo
doo doop) So
awfully different (doo
doo doop) Too
awfully different (doo
doo doop) To
ever be palls (doo
doo doo doo doo doo dooyadoo doop) Brian-

Your head's as massive as a meteorite Stewie-
Oh *very funny You,* have a weenie like a Christmas tree light Brian-
I'd bet money You'll
marry a honey Who's
pretty and funny And
her name will be Ted Stewie-
Oh *a g joke** Brian-*
I *just work with what you give me Both-*
You *might think we're N Sync*but, we stink As! a duo Brian-...*

Because you get a kick out of carnage and guts Stewie-
And you get a kick out of stroking your- Brian-
Whoa *whoa, you, can't say that on T V. Stewie-.*
What *ego Brian-?*
Nevermind *Both-*

too different to ever be palls

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