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Falling In Reverse – Listen Up lyrics

Listen up 'cause this is not the end,
You're the last thing that crossed my mind.
Relationships are based on trust,
Well I guess this one was based on lies,
Based on lies. (x4)

Listen up to the ones you trust,
Just a few by your side.
(Your side).
Give in, everythings gonna be alright,
(Here we are, the ones who make time)
Now it's time for me to go,
I know, you know, the fights are getting old.

This is the last chance I have to say to you,
So, sorry but I have to go,
Wash my hands of you.

You say, you will never change,
I say, that's too bad.
I'm sorry for all the things that you and I (could have had).
But it's your fault, all the stupid things,
That you and I have done and said.
The lies, the cries, it's no wonder that you were dead.

This is the last chance I have to say to you,
So, sorry but I have to go,
Wash my hands of you.

Your honesty, is killing me.
The page I read,
The word that said that you still love me.
You lied to me, and you don't see,
The things you've said, and now you're dead,
And that's alright by me.

This is the last chance I have to say to you,
So, sorry but I have to go,
Wash my hands of you.

Listen up 'cause this in not the end!

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    The song is written in a way that it expresses ronnie's feelings, but also in a way that everyone can relate to. For example, the line "relationships are based on trust, but i guess this one was based on lies" shows that not everyone can be trusted, even if you think that they can.
    From ronnie's perspective, I would say that this is probably about how max green and the rest of escape the fate betrayed him and left him for dead when he needed them the most.
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    Well this song is about something that was repeated in his life in the coming years of this production of this song. It's about friends that stabbed him in the back. Untrue, fake, just want a part of what he had. Unluckily, max green of his now former band escape the fate has played this role another time in his life. If you didn't know, ronnie was in this band, went to etf, went to jail, got out and is now back in fir.
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