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Falconer – Vargaskall lyrics

Genom vдttars djupa skogar
Over myrars fridfulla ensamhet
Brдnner fruktans flamma fram.
Genom mеnbelysta dдlder
Цver bergets rygg mott ett okдnt mеl
Jagad ulv nu skyndar fram.

Kavlen gеare I socknarna
Nu blir det Vargaskall.
Greppa spjut och fatta mod
I drev mot ulvens fall.

Gryningstimma, tung utav hat.
Ringa in och rota ut.
Folkets fasa skall ej mera stryka fram
Genom дng, genom myr och skog

In I'mцrkret trygghet sluter
Sina skygga barn utav enslig kull
Ifrдn jaktens gдllд larm.
Vitt revir nu sakta tynar.
Utav mдnniskans hand uti vildmarksland.
Sveper цdets svarta arm.

Kдmpa tappert, kдmpa idogt.
Kдnn nu eldens glцd I ditt vildmarksland
Visa drevet ulvars mod.

Skymningstimma, tung utav blod.
Ringat in och rotat ut.
Ulvars fasa skall fцare alltid stryka fram
Genom дng, genom myroch skog
I Vargaland.

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    Vargaskall: Wolf-bark

    Through the deep forests of goblins,
    over the peaceful solitude of bogs,
    the flame of fear burns forth.
    Through moon-illuminated dells,
    over the back of the mountain to an unknown destination
    a hunted wolf now hurries forth.

    The stick* now moves in the shires**
    now there will be wolf-bark.
    Grasp spear and be courageous
    in a beat*** to the fall of the wolf.

    Hour of dawn, filled with hate,
    encircle and exterminate.
    The horror of the people shall no more roam
    through meadow, through bog and forest
    in land of Men.

    Into the darkness safety keeps
    its shy children of lonesome breed
    from the shrill alarm of the hunt.
    Wide territory is now slowly declining
    by the hands of Men in wilderland
    the black arm of destiny sweeps.

    Fight bravely, fight diligently,
    feel the embers of fire in your wilderness-blood.
    Show the beat the courage of wolves!

    Hour of twilight, heavy with blood.
    Encircled and exterminated.
    The horror of wolves shall forever roam
    through meadow, through bog and forest
    in the land of Wolves.

    * "Stick" is my choice of translation of "kavle", which was a means of communication among the peasants in medieval Sweden. A carved stick with a message was sent around among the farms when all men needed to be alerted, for example did the peasants of Småland in the 16th century do this when they would decide that they would join Nils Dacke's uprising against the king Gustav I.
    ** I have chosen "shires" for socknar. "Socknar" is in reality the smallest administrative area in the church organization of medieval and post-medieval Sweden. The people within a "socken" cooperated concerning many things and went to the same church each Sunday.
    *** ´By "beat" (which is the real word for it in English) I mean the people chasing out wild animals so that hunters can take care of them.

    Credit to Letzte Änderung "Ancient Minstrel"
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