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Faith No More – Rv lyrics
(l, m, p) Faith No More

(Angel Dust [Slash Records, 1992])
Backside melts into a sofa
My world, my tv, and my food
Besides listening to my belly gurgle
Ain't much else to do
Yeah, I sweat a lot
Pants fall down every time I bend over
And my feet itch
Yeah-I married a scarecrow
I hate you
Talking to myself
Everibody's starin' at me
I'm only bleedin'
Someone taps me on the shoulder every 5 minutes
Nobody speaks English anymore
Would anybody tell me I was gettin' stupider?
I hate you
Talking to myself
You don't feel it after awhile
You take the beating
I'm a swingin' guy
Throw a belt over the shower curtain rod
And swing - - -
Toss me inside a Hefty
And put me in the ground
A drink needs me
I don't
I ain't about to guzzle no tears
So kiss my ass
Newscasters, coakroaches, and desserts
I hate you
Talkin' to myself
Everibody's starin' at me
I'm only bleedin'
Where are the kids?
I think it's time I had a talk with my kids
I'll just tell 'em what my daddy told me
You ain't never gonna amount nothin'

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Songwriters: Bill Gould, James Blanco Martin, Michael Allen Patton, Michael Andrew Bordin, Roddy Christopher Bottum

Rv meanings

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    Yeah nice update with the drum track and binalsse, the binalsse sounds interesting as I coudn't hear any of its high end? Do you eq it out or something? Looking forward to hearing the vox track on this, you don't happen to have other vocalist's tied up in the basement do you? Love to hear a female vocalist on the site just once, would be awesome. But I digress. Sounds like your building this pretty solidly to me. I'll wait to hear the vocal line before I judge too much. So i'll keep checking back here, oh yeah how bout my comment above about the guitar, lol, could I be any further off with that one, yeah the artcore's look quite cool and cheap which is always good, the only semi I have ever own'd is a hofner, old skool thing, that had previously had it's neck snapped and upon repair gone bad had lost intonation and basically become a wall ornament. Haha will have to invest one day, played a few gretsch's which I love but too pricey. Love the one the living end guitarist plays.
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      Yeah nice update with the drum track and binalsse, the binalsse sounds interesting as I coudn't... Read more →

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