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Fades Away – Creature lyrics

Wonder at the beautiful creature
Dancing in the flames unscathed
Liken yourself to the gods
Drink to your fill
Sleep well in the bed you’ve made

One by one by one they fall, their bodies paint the landscape with their
Delicate crimson strokes
Piece by piece by God forsaken piece they fall
Standing ‘er so tall
This ship is sinking, and the captain is dead
Make haste for the deck, fare well dear friends
Find Jonah inside, then bring me his head
Sound all the alarms
Brace for the end

Glorify yourselves at the alter
Praise the rebel soul called man
Tie down the priest to the stone
Bring forth his robe
Make way for the blasphemy

Disconnect this catastrophic symbiotic lie they sold to
Hack away the branches from the vine
Away with this hubristic narcissistic self indulgent deviation
Burn, burn, burn, burn

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    This song is about humanity (man) blaspheming. This is evident with man asking for Jonah's head. Jonah was a man called by God to share the gospel with Nineveh, a very sinful city. He was on a boat and swallowed by a large fish, which is what the talking about ships is about. The song largely is about man rebelling against God and choosing to fall to their sinful pleasures as well as how they are glorifying themselves. Tying the priest down symbolizes the rebellion against God and those who preach his word. In the Bible God uses the analogy of him being the vine and we are the branches. He would proceed to hack off the branches that didn't provide fruit. So it is likely this is talking about the blasphemers being cut of the vine from God and being disconnected from him. The second from last line is calling out sinful man who rebels against God and possibly even Satan himself. With the last line saying burn four times likely refereeing to the lake of fire in which those who refuse to accept God will be sent as well as to where Satan will be cast once God's plan is complete. (This is just my interpretation of the song, it could be way off).
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